Thanks to the Wounded Warrior Project and all of their great work for the veterans of Arkansas. 

Our recumbent stock is now gone.



Why Recumbents?

The many reasons recumbent cycles are preferred over traditional uprights include the following:

  • Spreading your body weight over a much larger area than on a conventional bike explains "recumbent comfort".
  • A much more comfortable seat means less back, neck, shoulder, and posterior pain and none of those unnecessary trips to the urologist.
  • No wrist pain from bearing your weight.
  • Smaller frontal area means better aerodynamics which have allowed recumbents to set every bicycle speed record.
  • The heads up position lets you enjoy the scenery instead of the grit on the road.
  • In the event of an accident, there is a shorter distance to fall and the rider will fall feet first instead of head first.
  • The high seat back allows you to leverage more pedal power by pushing with your back against the seat. Human power is maximized under these conditions.
  • The feet up position is more physiologically efficient because the body can circulate blood more effectively, providing more oxygen to the muscles.
  • They are virtually impossible to flip forward (endo).
  • They attract attention.